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      Application Area

      We can not list application of GPPVCI products completely here. If your esteemed company requirement can not match in below blank, Please feel free to contact our representative. in order to get professional response.

      1、Various metal materials, including plates, extrusions and sheets.

      2、Parts and components of car, electric bicycle, motorcycles, high speed train and so on.

      3、Various large-scale machinery, machine tools and heavy equipments

      4、Ship maintenance, Petrochemical storage and transportation, transportation and maritime equipments..

      5、Motors, bearings, gears, all type of pipe joints ,metal stamping parts.

      6、Electronics, electrical appliances, electrical appliances, electrical and other products and parts.

      7、Multi metal components, and various parts of aircraft and spacecraft servicing.

      8、Components, parts and accessories of mechanical and electrical equipment.

      9、Medical equipment, fitness equipment, precision machinery and instrumentation

      10、All kinds of hardware tools, electric tools, measuring and cutting tools and moulds.

      11、Various castings, powder metallurgy products.

      12、Boiler, pipe, oil tank, storage tank and other types of container systems and accessories

      13、All kinds of IC products, PCB products.

      14、Guns, cartridge case, artillery and other military equipment and their components.

      15、Other machined metal products and metal products for daily use.